Verizon Galaxy S5 Bootloader Finally Unlocked!

Samsung Galaxy S5

Verizon and AT&T have a long standing history with being annoyingly stubborn when it comes to unlocking the bootloader of their devices or to achieve general root. This has led to many consumers either switching carriers or raise huge bounties at various developer websites such as XDA Developers in hopes of achieving root privileges on their phones. The latter method has often proved to be somewhat effective, as many of the earlier Verizon and AT&T devices have been made rootable. However, there are many devices which are yet to achieve this status.

Mostly, carriers like Verizon are afraid of people abusing their internet connections by tethering and/or modifying the radio files on the phone to change how a phone connects to the network. On their part this is a genuine concern, as they after all are a corporation which weighs things in terms of profit and loss. However, for the consumers this has proven to be nothing but an annoyance. This did lead to GeoHot developing Towel Root (a one click root tool which worked on earlier builds of many devices) but a permanent root method was still out of reach.

All of this has changed from today as a video from Beaups, who is a member of the FireWater team, released a video in which he showed the proof of a concept in which he unlocked the bootloader of a Verizon S5. Technically, this should work on almost all S5’s but since this is after all a proof of concept video, the method is still to be released to the public. That being said, we are now hopeful that it won’t be long till a working root method will be made publically available to the public and the plebs of Verizon Wireless Network will finally be able to enjoy the sweet goodness of Marshmallow on their devices as well.

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