Verizon HTC One looks like…an HTC One

verizon-htc-one-leakNow that the man behind the legendary @evleaks has come to light, that doesn’t stop the guy from leaking new information. Evan Blass has now shown the Verizon HTC One, that’s the sprite we say. Do what you like to do and do what you do best, in Evan’s case its leaking information about tech devices.  Today he tweeted the following picture:

While you might think this is just another regular HTC One at first glance, but the LTE 4G logo displayed on the status bar says otherwise. The logo means that this particular HTC One is Verizon HTC One. SO what is interesting about this regular looking Verizon HTC One you may ask? Well Verizon is famous (infamous) of plastering its logo on each and every device. They take extreme measures to make devices theirs; sometimes they go as far as branding buttons too.

So when we see the plane Jane Verizon HTC One we feel relieved that there are no big bold Verizon wordings reminding us that we bought the phone from them each time we look at it. Probably Verizon learn a valuable lesson from the Galaxy Note 2 feedback, which featured a home button with Verizon logo on it. So at least the Verizon HTC One is safe from harsh brandings, unless Verizon went full retard on the back and plastered a giant logo.

So when will the Verizon HTC One be released? The company says that the smartphone will be coming “later this summer” but we suspect that the smartphone will be up for order by the end of this month. Although the leaked picture has a September 5 date, which might just be a placeholder. A September release seems quite stupid, partially because people will be looking forward to what is next by then. We will keep you posted.

Source: @evleaks

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