Verizon tells which apps are evil

verizonThe good guys over at Verizon are trying to improve the customer experience. And also they are trying to be nice guys by telling you which apps are going to hurt your smartphone’s battery charge. Sure there is also a list of apps you “must” have for your newly acquired Android smartphone, but they are expanding the helpfulness and telling you which apps are kind of hidden annoyances.

They are giving you a list of 25 top Android apps from Google Play and are rating them according to different criteria. Battery usage, data usage and security are the categories in which the selected apps are being judged. To be honest I don’t feel that the list is 100% accurate, Draw Something has gotten a bad score because of its battery draining shenanigans, while HD Widgets the king of battery sucking gets full score. Verizon is defines the rating like this:

A low rating means the app might negatively affect your overall experience with your device. If you see a low rating on an app you currently use or intend to download, you should review the potential areas of concern to decide if it’s an app you want to have on your device.

Also Verizon has compiled a list of evil 13 (dibs on movie name) apps what they are classifying as high risk because they “might have serious negative effects on your device”. Some of the armed and naughty apps are GTA III and Wreck it Ralph, both of them are currently sitting on my Galaxy S3. While we have to give kudos to Verizon for trying to be a good helpful carrier, we certainly don’t think that app bashing is a good direction. Especially if you are going to tell people to avoid games like Need for Speed Most Wanted. But if you are interested you can check the list out at the source links.

Source: List of apps, List of evil apps

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