Virus Shield – A new dangerous scam

Virus Shield

So another app named Virus Shield was released on the Google Play Store on March 28th. Virus Shield, as the name suggests, was an anti-virus app which was supposed to scan your smartphone and tell you everything is A-OK. But you see Virus Shield is not actually a virus scanner. Instead of actually checking your smartphone for harmful and malicious codes, the app only changed screens. That’s right, Virus Shield is a big fat scam which only tells you everything is A-OK, without you know, actually scanning whether everything is great or not.

The Virus Shield, which has now been removed from the Google Play store, was a simple scam. So how many of the well-educated Android users fell for this great app? The answer is 30,000. The number 30,000 means nothing among the see of Android users who are not that stupid to actually install such an app on their phones. We always recommend that you either download apps from developers who actually know about making anti-viruses or let the OS keep you secure. Android is a very well secured OS and doesn’t need constant scans form Anti-Virus software’s to keep you safe.

Virus Shield

The real kicker is that the Virus Shield cost $3.99 which is around $3.99 more than you should have paid. The developer promised that the app “Prevents harmful apps from being installed on your device…scans apps, settings, files, and media in real time… and protects your personal information.” Unfortunately it only changed screens from a big cross to a tick. Decompiling the app revealed that there is nothing “virus scanny” about the app either. Virus Shield is the prime example of apps which only want to take your money and give nothing in return. It’s not the user’s fault though; a trending app with great rating is bound to get notices. We hope that Google notices the trending apps and put an end to them. Thankfully those who paid the price will be refunded fully. So no monetary loses here, only the pride will be harmed.

Source: The Guardian

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