Vivo Xshot comes with a 7.68 MP front cam

Vivo Xshot

It seems that Vivo is not stopping in bringing new devices anytime soon, this much is evident by the Vivo Xshot smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer released the Vivo Xplay 3S smartphone a while back which featured the world’s first Quad HD display. The staggering resolution of 1440 x 2569 pixels made the last release from Vivo a show runner. But the company seems to have something else in mind too, namely the rumored Vivo Xshot. The Chinese manufacturer has already started marketing the smartphone with teasers and whatnot but we do have some good rumors to back all that hype.

First off the Vivo Xshot as the name suggests is a camera centric smartphone and will feature a 7.68 MP front facing camera. That is right the selfies will be strong in this one as a 7.68 MP front camera will be a worthy capturing apparatus. On the back there will be a usual 13 MP camera. Keep in mind that all this information is not official and by no means taken seriously. Anyhow leaks suggest that the Vivo Xshot will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 3 GB of RAM. There will also be a 1080p screen on the Vivo Xshot, so no Quad HD goodness here.

The internal memory is reported to be 32 GB which is quite enough. Unfortunately the Vivo Xshot will be running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean when it will be released, we are hopeful that Vivo will release an day one update. As of now there is no official information regarding the Vivo Xshot and we are not sure if it will even come to the State or not. We will be keeping a stern eye on this smartphone for you and will inform as soon as more information becomes available. Vivo Xshot does seem like an intriguing smartphone, especially if it is priced right. What do you think?

Source: AnTuTu

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