VSCO, the popular camera app comes to Android

VSCO CamDo you need a simple yet powerful camera app on your smartphone? Try out VSCO. VSCO is a very popular iPhone camera application with a very strong fan base. The app is now available on the Google Play Store for you to get. I have just downloaded VSCO and have been playing with it for the last 2-3 hours, taking pictures and checking out the stability. And to be honest I find VSCO one of the most stable and power photo snapping apps on the Google Play Store.

Sure there are many other apps which are great but the major selling point of VSCO is its simplicity. If you need a simple camera app, VSCO is what you should get. The interface is as clear as it can get and the simple touch to focus is also present. VSCO can be used in either portrait or landscape mode, the icons change the orientation with smooth animation. The best part of VSCO’s interface is its capture button, which unlike other apps is a large bar. You don’t have to worry about not hitting it and accidently focusing on what was under the button.

After you have taken the picture with VSCO, the real games starts. If you are into fine tuning your photos, VSCO will provide you with great presets. There are all the usual filters preloaded on VSCO but if you want you can purchase more. The exposure, brightness, sharpness tools however are absolutely free and can be easily tweaked. It is very fortunate that the editing options are free because I only tweak the exposure or contrast in my photos. I’m strictly against using photo filters but I understand many like to do so and VSCO provides them with a good solution. VSCO is now live on the Google Play Store for free, be sure to at least give it a run.

Source: VSCO

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