What to do Before Rooting Your Android Device


Usually here on Android Junkies we like to keep our guides pretty newbie friendly. However, there are quite often times when we simply forget to mention some basic things which can be a bit confusing to someone who is new to this. Now, we all know that there are a lot of things we can do after rooting our phones but today we will focus more on the before part of the process and aim to make the whole thing as less frustrating as for you as possible. So, if you’re new to the world of rooting, just follow these simple guidelines on what to do before rooting your Android phone.

Always Make a Backup

Remember that not all root methods are safe and or updated regularly on any website on the internet! So, it is always a great idea to backup any data on the internal storage of your phone as if the worst comes to, you don’t lose any personal information.

Read Before Acting

One thing which many people fail to do is to read a guide properly and thoroughly before they start acting on it. Quite often, there are steps which need to be done just after the previous step is completed in a matter of seconds and if you aren’t prepared before hand you might end up with either a failed root attempt or a soft bricked phone.

Be Wary of Trying Out a Root Method if Your Phone was Recently Updated

If your phone was recently updated to a newer build number, it is always a safe idea to be very wary of trying out an old root method on it especially if you’re unsure about how to restore to stock. A prime example of this would be the CF Autoroot Script failing on Samsung devices running Android 5.1.1.

Do Some Research

This is your phone and whatever you do to it is your responsibility! No other person on the internet can be held accountable for your actions. So always remember to do a bit of research before you go about flashing in something untested.

Now as I mentioned before, these are just some simple guidelines that you need to follow before rooting your phone. These things are all non technical and based on common sense which you really need to exercise if you want to root your smart phone!

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