What to Expect from Android M

android-m-logoWith Android Marshmallow just around the corner, this would be a prime time to discuss some of the great features that we can expect from the upcoming operating system. Before we begin, the important thing to consider is that these are only some of the features we’re excited about and we’re fully aware that the final product will have a lot more options to play around with.

Changed Permissions:

Instead of having to go through a long list of permissions anytime you download an app, Android 6.0 will have the user notified whenever an app decides to access a new sensor/feature on the phone. Not only will this improve the overall security of the OS but it will also provide a clearer explanation of the permissions used by the app to the everyday user.

Chrome Custom Tabs:

This new feature will work just like the inbred Facebook Browser and let users launch a new Chrome tab from any app on their phone without having to leave the original app.


The Doze feature will let the device assess whenever a device hasn’t been moving for quite some time and turn off most of its sensors to save the battery.

Less Annoying:

The new OS will get rid of many other annoying features such as having to confirm if you really want to open an attachment in an e-mail by using another app. The OS will also provide more accessible Copy and Paste menus as well as making file sharing between devices easier than before.

Ability to Charge Other Devices:

The newer OS will be able to use USB Type-C Cables which will allow users to be able to charge other devices with ease. I know, this isn’t one of those flashy features but for a person like me who usually has more than one device handy, this can really come in handy during long travels.

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