White Nexus 4, a clearer look

White nexus 4Yesterday we reported about a leaked picture which showed a White Nexus 4. Although the picture was of high quality and really detailed, it was still a single picture. Also it was taken from the back angle and we had no way to make sure whether the front will be white or not. Today we have another leak regarding the White Nexus 4, and it has given us more information. The new pictures show the White Nexus 4 from various angles and now we know that the front will be of black color.

To be honest I really don’t like multi colored smartphones, sure the top bottom bezels of the iPhone 5 do look great but the front and back combo really turns me off. This is exactly what LG seems to have done with the White Nexus 4. This smartphone is not a White Nexus 4; it is a black and white one. The combo not only diminishes the elegance of the black version but also fails to completely impress (at least me) with its white back plate.

The crystal reflections, or the sparkly stuff as most people call it, are still there. It looks really attractive at certain angles. No doubt many will like the new look of the N4, but those who were hoping to get a complete white experience, will be sorely disappointed. I was really excited about the prospect of a White Nexus 4 but unfortunately the front black plate is a deal breaker for me. But like all leaks this might be an elaborate fake, which is highly unlikely because there are many images of the White Nexus 4. Of course there is no official word about the existence of a White Nexus 4, let alone a release date. Google might say something at its Google I/O or LG may be allowed to show it on MWC. Follow the source link to enjoy some more pictures.

Source: AndroidCentral via Tinh Te

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