White Nexus 4 spotted in the wild

White nexus 4Ah the fair technological maiden, how wonderful ye seems, dressed in pearly white.  What we have here is a White Nexus 4 being shown in a high res picture. Well folks it might be a fake one, but it sure is looking might fine. A generous tipster anonymously sent this picture to PhoneArena very recently and they have it up with a magnifying glass for all the people to admire. The White Nexus 4 is looking quite groovy, well at least to me. The silver rimmed LED flash is also quite eye catching, not to mention the “sparkle” which is visible on the bottom right corner.

The full blown image can be seen at the source link. As this image of White Nexus 4 was sent be an unknown source, we have absolutely no way of verifying its credence. Fabricating a fake image of this size is really hard, and too much of a work to nail right. If this image is a fake, this right here is forgery art and I’m a fan.

There were rumors circulating about the White Nexus 4 well before this image surfaced. Not to mention that all the previous Nexus smartphones had a white variant at some point. Also we cannot neglect the resemblance which the White Nexus 4 is exhibiting with Optimus G. Optimus G is the smartphone which largely inspired LG while manufacturing the Nexus 4. I personally always go for the white color if given the chance and im sure many prefer their smartphones ivory. The Nexus 4’s normal version is hardly available for sale though, which is a really bad thing for a device so desirable. This brings up the question, if the normal version is never fully stocked, how will the White Nexus 4 be? This can only be addressed when Google decides to share something with us. Until then enjoy the White Nexus 4 photo.

Source: PhoneArena

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