Xbox games on Android? This might be possible soon


Do you want to play Xbox games on Android smartphones and tablets? Well this might be true in the future, if the latest report from Reuters is to be believed. The report suggested that Microsoft may be inclined to bring its Xbox and PC game titles to Android and iOS devices. The great news in that the transition will be coming by the end of this very year. Unfortunately the article is lacking in hardcore details, so don’t expect HALO 1 to be announced for Android, yet.


Not coming on Android…yet 🙁

According to Nikkei, Microsoft will be buddying up with Japanese smartphone game developer Klab in order to launch Microsoft and Xbox exclusive games on Android and iOS platforms. The report doesn’t mention the tablets but it is only natural to assume that the games will also be available on the tablets.

So what type of games can we expect? For on the old Age of the Empires (this was stated in the report, the actual name of the series in Age of Empires) will be one of the games to be coming to Android. The smartphone version of the real time strategy title will be a free to play one, this leads us to believe that his move is a cash grab on Microsoft’s part. A free to play AOE will mean that we might have to pay to win. Xbox games on Android might take a while to fully take off.


Nope…Not an actual Android game

Playing Xbox games on Android might just be a dream as of yet but considering the rapid growth of the platform, it won’t be long before Microsoft launches full-fledged ports of Xbox games on Android. After all there is more money to be made in the mobile gaming business and Android and iOS are the leading platforms. Microsoft is not a stupid company, they won’t be blatantly supporting their own Windows Mobile platform especially if it won’t make as much money as they want. We will definitely keep you posted, after all we also want to take a swing at Xbox games on Android.

Source: Reuters

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