Xiaomi Tablet in the talks says rumors

Xiaomi Tablet

Xiaomi may have released a lot of smartphone in the recent past but they don’t have a Xiaomi Tablet out yet. This is about to change as rumors suggest that the company is aiming to bring a Xiaomi Tablet to the market soon. This rumor talk was picked up from various Chinese and Taiwanese tech oriented websites and it does seem logical that the Xiaomi Tablet will be arriving soon.

According to Focus Taiwan, the Chinese manufacturer is currently in talks with Intel and Nvidia at this time. This means that the company is closing deals with both of the tech giants and it will be obvious to conclude the winning party will supply the SoC for Xiaomi Tablet. On the other hand the Xiaomi Tablet may come in two flavors, one with an Intel backing and the other with Nvidia’s processor solution. Another rumor states that the tablet will have a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and a screen size of 7.85 inches. This means that the Xiaomi Tablet will be targeting the Apple iPad Mini 2 which features a 7.9 inch screen and the very same resolution.

Xiaomi Tablet

It wouldn’t be a Xiaomi Tablet if it were expensive. The Chinese manufacturer is well known for selling good spec smartphones at an very affordable price and this the Xiaomi Tablet is rumored to be priced as low as $160. Xiaomi is certainly getting prepared to go big as the company has recently acquired the Mi.com domain for a cool $3.6 million. The domain will be utilized in promoting the products and quite possibly the Xiaomi Tablet across the globe. We will be keeping an eye on the official website for further clues about the Xiaomi Tablet. So what do you think about the Xiaomi Tablet? Is it a good idea to launch the company into another product or should the manufacturer stick with budget smartphones.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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